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Casa Amigos

Casa Amigos


7320 E Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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Casa Amigos

Service options: Dine-in · Takeout

Address: 7320 E Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Headed to Casa Amigos Scottsdale and we got a private table, and we went to town on an amazing night. Bartenders got some amazing drinks, and amazing cheeks, everything beautiful and a good time. Great place to hang out in Old Town Scottsdale with friends. Very busy on weekends, but a lot of fun! Cool Mexican themed bar in old Scottsdale.

It has two floors. Downstairs is more sports bar. Upstairs has games and bowling. Bottle girls are beautiful… security is on point… everybody is always having fun. Pretty fun place! The crowd was young, but everyone was having a good time. The drinks were priced well, and the music was old school, it was awesome. Great Entertainment live music from a DJ awesome spot great people great atmosphere go ahead and pop them bottles. This place has great drinks and a great atmosphere. After the sun goes down this place gets even better! Lights, awesome music, good looking security and wait staff, this place has it all. Make this place regular if you are looking for a great time in Scottsdale.

The Old Town entertainment district is a bit of a beast, but Casa Amigos has been lively and welcoming on every occasion. Thanks for the hospitality! Great bar, beautiful woman and cold drinks such a great time. The DJ was good and I loved our bottle girl! This is an amazing Club; it seems to be the most popular one in Scottsdale Old Town now. We had a great time here. We were looking for a short night out on our last day in Scottsdale. This spot throws the best Scottsdale event and Scottsdale bar crawls when teamed up with If youa re looking for an extremely great time we want, you to head over to Casa Amigo’s Scottsdale.


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