Frequently Asked Questions -

Frequently Asked Questions

Pub Crawls? If you’ve never heard of a pub crawl event, have no fear. We’re here to educate all those who are curious as to how our awesome events are organized. Essentially, we produce holiday events across the nation that allow for some variety. Enjoy a plethora of venue options on popular holidays throughout the year while gaining access to the best drink specials in town. That’s what we’re about. Below, you will be able to find quick and helpful information as to how our tickets, registration, wristbands, maps, and all the good stuff works!

  • What is a Pub Crawl?

    A "Pub Crawl" event is an all access party pass that allows you to gain free access to multiple venues throughout a few hours while getting drink specials at the same time. Once you purchase your tickets online, you will receive an email confirmation with the contents of your order and the actual "e-ticket". At the Registration Bar (1st stop on the crawl), bring with you and present: your "e-ticket" [which you may print-at-home or display on your mobile device]

    Then you will receive:
    Your wristband: This is how the bars in the event will recognize that you are a part of the event.
    A full guided crawl map: This map will outline all of the participating venues along with the drink specials being offered at each venue during the participation times.

  • What is a Registration Bar?

    A registration bar (starting location) is a venue where our event staff will be stationed. It is where we distribute our wristbands and maps for our events. Think of it as a Pub Crawl base. Depending on the size of the pub crawl event, we may have several registration venues in order to better cater to large crowds. At this venue[s], you will present your unique ticket and will receive your wristband [this is how they know you are a Pub Crawler], and a drink map that lists the venues, their addresses, and the times they are offering the drink specials.

  • How old do I need to be?

    All participating venues sell liquor to pub crawl patrons. Therefore, our events are 21+. Unless otherwise noted, you must be of legal drinking age or older to purchase your ticket(s) and to participate in our events.

  • Most of our events are a freestyle crawl format

    While organization is key in producing our massive events, it doesn't mean that you're obligated to be at a certain bar at a certain time. First and foremost, your Pub Crawl map is your real guide. On each map, you'll find the participating bars in your area and when they're hosting their special drink prices during the pub crawl (this is key here, so pay attention to the times). Once you hand in your ticket to the event staff, receive your wristband and map - feel free to make your way to any of the participating bars on the map at your own pace! Our events are "freestyle". You are free to visit any participating venue at your own pace (during pub crawl hours). Whether you're meeting your friends at a particular Pub Crawl location, grabbing a beer at that bar you've always wanted to visit, or just escaping the crowd, you can do whatever you please, whenever you'd like. Just keep in mind, certain bars do have their specials running until particular hours, so your Pub Crawl map is an essential part of your adventure. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    - Register at the designated destination you chose.
    - Receive your wristband, map, and other possible schwag!
    - Scour the city's best bars and drink!

  • I bought my tickets, now what?

    We thank you for purchasing your ticket(s) with us. We always recommend physically printing your “print-at-home” e-ticket and bringing it with you to your selected Registration location. Displaying your e-ticket on your mobile device is also acceptable. However, our event staff are able to check you in quicker with the print out ticket.

    Here is what you need to do now:

    1) You receive a confirmation email to the email address you entered - THIS IS NOT YOUR TICKET.
    2) Open the email and you will notice an attachment or attachments with the actual e-ticket(s).
    3) When you click on the attachment(s), the PDF e-ticket will appear.
    4) Open the PDF file and print your tickets.
    5) Bring your ticket to the registration location it was purchased for and you'll receive your wristband and full guided map which will detail all of the bars that are participating in the crawl.

  • What if I lost my ticket?

    When placing a ticket order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all of the event information as well as an "e-ticket" you will need to bring to the registration venue. If by any chance, you cannot locate your "print-at-home" ticket or your e-mail, try searching your inbox for the confirmation email. Refer back to that email and you can print out your ticket once again. Notice: We scan tickets upon arrival. Duplicate tickets will be rejected and full price will be charged at the registration to whoever does not have a unique ticket order.

  • I am getting an error message when ordering my tickets

    Make sure you are entering the correct Billing Zip Code for the credit card you are using. When processing your ticket order, some of the issues arise from information not properly matching up. If you are using an international credit card, you may need to contact your credit card company to get Internet approval for international purchases. If the problem persists, please email with the error message you are receiving and we will gladly help you with your ticket purchase.

  • How do I become a promoter / affiliate for

    If you're looking to help spread the word about our pub crawls, we want you on the team! Share the news on social media, have your own unique code created, earn money, and free tickets! To create an affiliate account and sell tickets, CLICK HERE. Fill out the form and a member from our promotions team will contact you.  

  • Why are some tickets different prices?

    If there are multiple starting locations (registration venues), you only need to choose one (1). At each of the registration venues, our event staff distributes the same wristbands and customized maps that will allow you to access the entire crawl and take advantage of the drink specials throughout the entire duration of the event.

    Prices vary by registration venues due to the popularity of the starting location. You will receive the exact same wristband and map at any of the registration venues. The starting point/registration bar is simply the venue which you would like to begin the event. We strive to spread out our pub crawl participants so that all of the bars involved in the event have awesome crowds!

  • Why should I crawl?

    Crawling with us ensures you receive free admission to all participating venues during participation hours. The wristband also grants you access to the drink specials taking place at each of the participating venues. Take a stroll in your beautiful city and enjoy the hospitality it has to offer by exploring the pub crawl map and taking a journey with us!

  • My plans changed, can I get a refund?

    Ugh, bummer! We are sad every time we hear that someone may not be able to attend the event because their plans have changed - they fall ill, due to an emergency, etc. Unfortunately, all sales are final unless the event is cancelled. However, our event tickets are transferrable! Yep. Even if your name is on the actual ticket, you can still gift it to another individual. We will accept the ticket no matter whose name is on it as long as it is used once and is unique. Duplicate tickets will be rejected at registration and charged full price. Therefore, in the event that you cannot attend the pub crawl, hand the ticket over to a friend - you'll be doing them a favor! Let them enjoy one of our holiday pub crawls and we'll see you next time!