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In recent years, the nightlife scene in Atlanta has been booming, and it’s known nationwide, even competing with nightlife veterans, Miami. Here, you really can have it your way with all that Atlanta has to offer. Atlanta is so diverse in nightlife entertainment that your choices vary from a quiet, neighborhood bar to a large club that hosts Grammy award winning artists. At the pubs, you can order beer from any local or domestic brewery. At one bar, they are known to let people who choose to press their luck spin the wheel and let the wheel decide the drink. You might get a taste of something new that you wouldn’t normally think about trying. Some bars honor the city by mixing drinks and naming them after certain parts of Atlanta. Seafood and southern cuisine is also known here, so don’t forget to check out the menus. Each bar plays its own music playlist in the background if you aren’t busy talking to your friends all night. Come on our pub crawl in Atlanta for pure adventure and culture, as you get to know the city as you drink.

Atlanta Halloween Pub Crawls

  • Atlanta Halloween Pub Crawls

    Sat, Oct 21, 2023

  • Atlanta Halloween Pub Crawls

    Fri, Oct 27, 2023

  • Atlanta Halloween Pub Crawls

    Sat, Oct 28, 2023