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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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From happy hours to daily drink specials, there is no reason not to drink affordably in Fort Lauderdale, even at the most trendy of places. Fort Lauderdale also has one of the best gay scenes in Florida, boasting some of the best gay bars. Adding the latest in technology to the mix, you can dance or drink as you watch music videos being projected onto the walls by the video jockeys, and some bars feature video game nights, so you can challenge your friends to throwback games or the latest in video game entertainment. Being in the south, what would a pub crawl be without at least one of the bars being country themed? Some bars have a mixed identity. They are a coffeehouse by day, but when the night falls, the party does not stop when they turn themselves into a bar or a lounge. On our pub crawls, come and experience it all. Every night will be different, and every crawl we have will be one to remember.