Sora - Cleveland Ohio Venue




1121 W 10th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Venue Information


It was a beautiful, low-key swanky vibe, with a high-end flavor Asian fusion sushi experience! Wonderful bar with unique signature cocktails. Staff were very attentive and casual and comfortably friendly. A perfectly enjoyable time. Thank you for a lovely evening! Sora! Quality food, with amazing service. great staff and top-notch food and experience. Our host was by far the best part about the experience, she took care of us and was fun to talk to too. The food was amazing, the taste of each dish was perfect. The presentation for each dish was flattering and Instagram worthy (important note for foodies with Instagrams).

For the decor, they had this tree in the middle of the room with pink flowers that covered the ceilings. Very pretty. The seating was perfect, and comfortable. would come here for special occasions. One of the best 



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