Niagara -




112 Ave A, 7th St, New York NY 10009

Venue Information

Not into the intense dance floor mash-up kind of scene? Niagara is a popular establishment that, with its multiple levels and rooms, gives you the option to move in and out of the party scene as you like. Stay upstairs for drinks and socializing or head downstairs for drinks and dancing. Live acts and the occasional art show ensure there is always something interesting going on. Be aware that you will need your ID – even the grizzled old seniors comfortably settled down at the end of the bar had to show proof of age to get in, due to the strict “no ID, no entry, no exceptions” policy. The staff is fun, quirky, and definitely not your run-of-the-mill “just until I get my break” kind of employees. The music is lively and ranges wildly, including classic rock, hits from the 80s and 90s, today’s top tunes, and even folk music. Innovative live acts also run the gamut, including one unique one featuring a “Live Pin Up Girls” art show. Happy hour runs until 8pm daily, with discounts on everything on the menu ($5 frozen Margaritas, $3 for Wells and domestic beer, $4 for imported beer, and $2 off everything else).


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