Murray Bar 34th -

Murray Bar 34th

Murray Bar 34th


58 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016

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Temporarily closed due to pandemic

Murray Bar on E 34th is one of the best sports bars in New York City. With six TVs and two big screens, you can catch all the pro sports action from luxuriously upholstered leather seats. Exposed brick walls feature famous athletes in official team uniforms and the drinks menu features quirky signature Gatorade cocktails named after them. There are two other spaces: a small, red-lit room with chairs shaped like hands and Field of Dreams, a massive room at the back with astroturf on the floor and twinkling lights on the ceiling setting off the giant wooden tables and faux-flame lanterns. You have the option to come here and gear up for the game at nearby Madison Square Garden or you just kick back and spend the whole day here coming up with your own signature Gatorade cocktails – Murray’s is easy like that. Of course, you have to eat some time and the food is definitely unique: Dirty Lamb Pops, Dirty Ahi Tuna, Dirty Rib-Eye Steak, are we seeing a trend here? “Dirty” refers to a particular spice blend featuring several varieties of pepper from around the world that give familiar flavors a bold kick in the pants.


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