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Mama’s Bar

Mama’s Bar


34 Ave B, 3rd St, New York, NY 10009

Venue Information

Mama’s Bar is very interesting and definitely different venue for a night out with your friends. The owners have a quirky sense of humor reflected in the whimsical art throughout the space. You will quickly see why people come out of the unisex bathroom laughing their heads off (and it’s not just about the clever graffiti!). Join in the fun! Mama’s Bar is the place to come and catch the game in peace. Amuse yourself with your favorite classic arcade games, and most importantly meet the friendly people that Mama’s Bar attracts. Engage in interesting conversation that lets you really get acquainted with the soul of the community. Best of all, though? It’s BACON! Mama’s is famous for its off-the-wall, but delicious cocktails such as bacon-infused bourbon and the Bacon Bloody Mary – neither of which will break your credit limit even when you find yourself helplessly heading back for more of the same. Accepting the implausible reality that some people just don’t like bacon, Mama’s also has a Jalapeno Tequila Margarita that will have your tongue jumping for joy! For a night out that will definitely be entertaining and eventful try Mama’s Bar!


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