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Idle Hands Bar

Idle Hands Bar


25 Ave B, 2nd & 3rd, New York, NY 10009

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Permanently closed due to pandemic

Idle Hands, located at 25 Avenue B, has figured out a way to occupy your hands. The solution is simple: clasp your hand around the glass of your favorite drink, while you enjoy the lounge-like and calm atmosphere created inside this venue. This bar has a rock ‘n roll theme throughout, which greatly compliments the musical atmosphere and the customers who are attracted to this kind of tune.

Idle Hands is said to have brought “Bourbon. Beer. Rock.” to East Village, New York City. This destination was created as your ideal location for post-concert parties and bourbon & beer tastings. If you consider yourself an individual who will go through fire for great tasting alcohol you can come here to experience a taste of rare bourbon and new craft beers. If you want to get a bite to eat, you can make a selection from an extensive menu. Try their delicious starters: panni or burgers. Coupled with your favorite drink or one that is very complimentary, you food will taste better and you will be better able to savor the taste of the drink. Try Idle Hands Bar and occupy your hands with a drink you will love!


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