Double Down Saloon -

Double Down Saloon

Double Down Saloon


14 Ave A, Houston & 2nd St., New York, NY 10009

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Have you ever walked into a bar and had your jaw hit the floor? Clearly you have never been to the Double Down Saloon. This is the 21st century version of the old pirate inns (although much more hygienic!). If you love dive bars, then strap on your scuba tanks ’cause you’re going down to a whole new level! The “sports” shown on the TVs are categorically and absolutely not suitable for work (or for anybody under 18!) – keep watching and you might learn new ways to use a bungee cord that you would never have dreamed of! Chug back your favorite drinks and shoot pool. As the evening wears on and you start thinking you could use a bite to eat, ask the bartender for one of the take-out menus he’s got in a drawer back there. This is the perfect place “for the lunatic fringe” and is posited by the marketing strategy and the customers alike. No smoking inside but there’s an enclosed back patio with six picnic tables – so knock yourself out. Unlikely you’ll find “Blurred Lines” on the jukebox, as it’s all punk, garage, lo-fi, rock, and broken blues, but by the end of the evening, your lines will definitely be blurry! For a crazy night out this is the ideal location. Release all your inhibitions and indulge in a night of drinking that will be the most unforgettable yet!


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