Amaze -




694 3rd Ave, E 43rd & E 44th St, New York, NY 10017

Venue Information

When you think about going out with your friends and family, you don’t instantly think of a venue that is boring and similar to every other bar and grill on the street. What you want is to go to a place that is exciting, modern and comfortable. Welcome to Amaze fusion and lounge. This venue is multilevel and is sure to elicit a feeling of warmth as you feast your eyes on the breathtaking décor.

The décor and the cuisine offered at Amaze are a one of a kind combination and mastery of savory food and welcoming ambiance. You can be in New York, yet experience an Asian culture that will make your night memorable. The tall arched ceiling, combined with the use of led fiber chandelier lighting creates a view of the first floor that mirrors looking towards start. Do something new. Experience a different culture. Whether your hope is to enjoy happy hour, weekend specials, or the brunch menu, there is something at Amaze that will appeal to your need for adventure.


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