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3900 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Venue Information

Set at the heart of the Luxor Casino, Centra’s elevation provides a great view over the floor, unobstructed by the frosted glass half-wall surrounding it. Stained glass lamps dripping from the ceiling and reflected from the polished dark furniture and floor give Centra an exotic, almost “Moroccan Kasbah” feel while the gold and teal color scheme is a nod to the Egyptian theme for which the Luxor is known.

There’s no need to dress like a Pharaoh or a Queen: your comfy casuals will fit in just fine. While waiting for your party to arrive, keep occupied by catching the latest game showing live on one of the screens, playing slots and poker at the bar, or take advantage of the raised view to check out the people passing by. It’s a smooth, comfortable place to hang out, relax, and socialize. Enjoy a familiar beer or a glass of wine; make like an explorer and investigate one of the signature drinks that brings out your inner child – you never had a “Root Beer Float” quite like this one! Perk up with a “Skinny Bull”, a mix of vodka and sugar-free Red Bull (handy if you’re watching your calories!).


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