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Howl At the Moon

Howl At the Moon


612 Hadley Street, Houston, TX 77006

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Permanently closed due to pandemic

Many consider howl at the Moon the World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Dueling Piano Bar. This belief stems from the memorable and exciting experiences various people gain from attending one of the many national locations.

The Howl at the Moon in Houston, Texas, is located at 612 Hadley Street. This venue offers you the opportunity to witness your favorite musicians in action! The piano dueling is incorporated in music shows. This engages the audience in a fun filled celebration that demands and creates high energy levels and pure entertainment.

Howl at the Moon is most suitable for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, happy hour, corporate events or just a night out with friends. Houston nightlife has garnered new energy, with the creation of this bar! Enjoy the company of friends and friendly strangers. Bask in the beauty of the décor and enjoy the ease of the layout. Listen to your favorite music while you sip on your favorite drink. If you had ever imagined a fun filled and entertaining night out with your friends, you need to go back to the dreaming board. When you go to how at the Moon in Houston, your expectations will be knocked out the park and replaced with unimaginable and exciting reality!


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