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Bovine & Barley


416 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Venue Information

Just steps away from the Preston Metro Rail Station in downtown Houston stands Bovine & Barley, a spacious new gastropub with a large menu of beers on tap. This bar, located on Main Street, has an almost upscale vibe to it but an oversized fluorescent Edgar Allen Poe quote and HTX sign brings a fun and casual feel to the place.

Bovine & Barley is a full service bar but their main focus is offering their guests a variety of craft beers. Their draft menu includes a list of beers mostly brewed in Houston as well as others cites throughout Texas. If you’re looking to try new beers that are made close to your doorstep, their list of forty drafts should help you in choosing your new favorite.

As well as having an extensive menu of craft beers Bovine & Barley also has a food menu specifically for lunch, brunch, dinner, and even Happy Hour. Their heavily meat-influenced menu includes unique items like fried chicken “lollipops”, “cronut” holes sundaes, and croissant/waffle hybrids as well as their take on classics like meatloaf and onion rings. Their Lunch Specials and $5 Happy Hour menus include some of their specialties without breaking the wallet.


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