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Louise & Jerry’s Tavern

Louise & Jerry’s Tavern


329 Washington St, 4th & 3rd St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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Have you ever thrown on the first jacket that hit your hand in the closet, walked out the door, and kept on going until you found what it was you were missing? Next time, save yourself the drama – just head straight on over to Louise and Jerry’s, a local favorite for over fifty years. Come on down into the basement, pose in the doorway to cover the fact that you’re blind from stepping into the dim light, and let the murmur of easy conversation, classic TV, and the click of pool balls soothe and replenish your soul. The bartender is a friendly, down-home type, only too pleased to draw up your favorite beer.

Don’t forget your quarters for the jukebox that is distinctly lacking in Justin Beiber but very enriched in the “awesome classic tunes” department. Enjoy a good show on the TV just glance at the screen a few times when your conversation falters. Enjoy a couple rounds of pool with your friends and kind strangers. Remember when you were a teenager pretending you had your own apartment in your parents’ basement? Yeah, that! For a goodtime, great drinks and wonderful company, stop by your Louise and Jerry’s!


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