Goodnight John Boy - Cleveland Ohio

Goodnight John Boy

Goodnight John Boy


1167 Front Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

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Good Night John Boy


Fun vibe and the music was good! drink prices, the beer/seltzers are wonderful, and I cannot get enough. The dance floor was poppin the will visit again! I loved the ambiance and the DJ played a lot of mixed music that all ages of people in the club would love to hear. The staff was great, the dance floor was huge and super fun, and I cannot wait to be back! I had the best time ever!!! The music, cocktails, and the sweetest staff. The dance floor is so cool. Gets busy at night and Dj pumps up the crowd. Cannot wait to bring my friends on the next bar crawl!!!

Do not forget to take a picture in the photo staged room before you leave, because you will want to make this place last a lifetime. This club has a super cool throwback atmosphere, and I am glad we stopped in. The staff was so nice, and the dancing disco vibe was great! Even the drinks were in fun disco ball cups. Recommended and would go back! This is the best dance club ever. I danced for hours and was afraid to leave the dance floor to use the washroom for fear of missing a song I liked. DJ knew the crowd and how to spin…super impressed. The drinks were generous, and the crowd was great i did not want to leave. Such a cool vibe this bar has. I absolutely loved it, this is fun to do with a group of friends because it is hype and crowded, I am hitting this up every time in a bar crawl. 



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