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Tarantula Billiards Bar

Tarantula Billiards Bar


1520 South Street, Denver, CO 80202

Venue Information

One place you won’t want to miss is Tarantula Billiards Bar on 1520 South Street, in Denver. It is located a few blocks away from the Sheraton hotel and in the midst of a prime location. The space is pretty large and laid back. You will be offered great service and the attention deserved as a customer.

On regular days there are plenty of drinks to try. Beers are mostly $4 or $5 for almost all types. There are a few daily specials from which you will garner great benefit. On Fridays you can enjoy $3 Stellas. Play a few rounds of free pool while you drink. Sway with the tantalizing beat of the music. The music played at Tarantula is modern rock. You will hear and can request your favorites because the order of the day is to please the customers. One drink that will definitely get your attention is the Long Island Ice Tea, which is served for only $6. That is a good deal, which may be too hard to resist. This venue provides a great way to enjoy an hour or two cheaply. Bottom line, it has a good location, is a great place for pool, drinks, meeting up with some friends, day drinking, etc.


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