Mario's Double Daughter Salotto -

Mario’s Double Daughter Salotto

Mario’s Double Daughter Salotto


1632 Market Street, Denver, CO 80202

Venue Information

Often described as having a very gothic decorative theme, but a cool atmosphere, Mario’s Double Daughter Salotto, located on Market Street, is a great venue for a fun night out with friends or a lonely adventure that is likely to result in new friendships. The décor utilized the colors red, blue and black a lot. This is combined with the natural element of plant life to form an atmosphere that is both intriguing and beautiful. Tint birds are hung from the ceiling to compliment the trees that are growing out of the corners. The bar features a vat of bubbly red liquid that compliments the décor and adds to the intended creepiness.

While you admire the décor you can enjoy the services of the very attentive and pleasant bartender. There are many drinks to choose from. The bar itself has signature drinks that you can dare to try. The prices are great, especially during happy hour. Try the Bitch & Moan. It is very tasty and cost efficient. Enjoy your night out! At this venue you will always be sure of a fun night!


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