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EL Chapultepec

EL Chapultepec


1962 Market Street, Denver, CO 80202

Venue Information

Permanently closed due to pandemic

Located at 1962 Market Street, in Denver Colorado, El Chapultepec is a jazz bar like no other! You can enjoy the calm and soothing atmosphere as you listen to awesome jazz bands and enjoy the savory taste of a few delicious and highly affordable dishes.

The interior is small and intimate, just the right blend for a romantic and memorable evening out. The acoustic in this venue is very good, you will hear every note the jazz band plays and you will be easily lost in sultry voice of the jazz singers. There is a live band every night. By doing this, El Chapultepec ensures that customers are always entertained by the best, and that they are always satisfied with their experience.

The kitchen here is opened along with the bar everyday at 11am. The menu includes scrumptious appetizers, burritos, chilli, tacos, hamburgers, desserts and awesome drinks. You will enjoy the food, the drinks, the jazz and the company. El Chapultepec is a place where you can take your family, or your special friend for an intimate dinner. The ambiance exudes warmth and comfort and this will engulf you and your company. This will definitely brighten your night.


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