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Dallas Venue Directory

PubCrawl.com produces the biggest and most popular pub crawl events in Dallas for their signature events. The ultimate ingredient in any social outing is variety, and we ensure that you’ll get the absolute best variety in town. Everyone knows this city has one of the best bar scenes in the country, and PubCrawl.com makes it a point to enlist the help of each of the most popular watering holes in town. The venues are unique in their own way, so sort through them and see where you’d like to have your next drink today!

Disclaimer: This is a Dallas venue directory. We have compiled a list of bars, pubs, lounges, and clubs that have participated or may participate in our Dallas Pub Crawl events. Not all of the following venues participate in every Pub Crawl.

Nodding Donkey


2900 Thomas Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

Rocco’s Uptown


2717 Howell St. Suite A, Dallas, TX 75204

Rumor Lounge


2710 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

Trophy Room


2714 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

Two Corks and a Bottle


2800 Routh Street #140, Dallas, TX 75204