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The Point

The Point


147 Hanover St Boston, MA 02228

Venue Information

Conveniently located right by the Haymarket Station and named for the building’s striking architecture, The Point is a popular destination for pub-crawlers, sports fans, and clubbers. The intimate interior is designed in a modern style with a neutral palette. The décor incorporates televisions hanging up near the ceiling (not halfway down the walls) and a dark marble bar. The good thing about the design is that it is not done up to the point where you would feel underdressed, nor does it feel stuffy. The attractive staff in The Point’s eye-catching uniform is friendly, attentive, and always up to ensuring that you’re not left hanging, waiting for your order. The Point always has an event or entertainment going on, including Live Band Karaoke downstairs on Thursday nights. There is always a special for food or drink such as “Three Nacho Wednesdays” and $2 Bud Light Drafts. The late night bar menu includes Grilled Kielbasa, Bacon and Cheese Potato Skins, and for those with uncomplicated tastes, the Bullfinch Basic Burger (with or without cheese). The beer list is limited in selections to the most popular labels but does include a domestic gluten-free selection called Red Bridge and an imported non-alcoholic Beck. Red and white wines are available by bottle or by glass. The Point will ensure that you are happy with your service.


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