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Hong Kong

Hong Kong


65 Chatham Street, Boston, MA 02109

Venue Information

“Hong Kong” is exactly what its name implies: a Chinese-themed multilevel bar, decorated in the most delightful Chinese Kitsch. Downstairs, the karaoke bar with a vast database is well run by the knowledgeable MC and the creative and fun imagination of the patrons. Upstairs there is a dance club that features a laser show, black light, and a disco ball. The DJ spins an eclectic mix of beats that keeps the floor crowded from beginning to end. Here is an important tip! Get there early to avoid having to line up on the stairs. The staff is charming, friendly, helpful, and efficient and there are daily specials, such as $1 shots and sangrias. Traditionally, the first thing you do upon arrival is track down Chicken Teriyaki Man: like a random sprite in a video game, he moves around the floor carrying a bucket of chicken teriyaki skewers that are a dollar apiece – you hand over your money, he hands you the skewer(s), you take a bite, you look up, and poof! Just like that, he’s gone until you track him down again. The food is standard North American Chinese fare, tasty and delicious, while the cocktails are well made. If you’re not up for the Scorpion Bowl, by all means try a Mango Tango.


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