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The ultimate ingredient in any successful social outing is variety. No one’s likely to stick to one bar the entire night. That’s why is the #1 source on the web for massive pub crawls. What sets our service and parties apart from others are the bars that we include in our crawls. Bay Ridge’s known to have one of the top bar scenes in the country, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of each of the most popular bars to be a part of our crawls. Each venue offers something different from the next, so sort through them and see where you’d like to have your next drink.

DISCLAIMER: This is a venue directory. Not all of these venues particpate in every pub crawl.



8801 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11209

Delia’s Lounge


9224 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11209

Full Moon Saloon


8309 5th Avenue, 83rd & 84th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Lonestar Bar


8703 5th Avenue, 87th & 88th St, Brooklyn NY 11209

Salty Dog’s


7509 3rd Avenue, 75th & 76th St, Brooklyn NY 11209

The Harp


7710 3rd Ave, Brooklyn NY 11209



8814 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Wicked Monk


9510 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209