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Kooper’s Tavern

Kooper’s Tavern


1702 Thames St , MD 21231

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From the owners of Slainte Irish Pub comes Kooper’s, homage to a beloved yellow lab that overcame a deadly disease to give his family twelve years of joy. Rich wood flooring and furniture; artwork depicting maritime scenes; framed vintage advertising; and (naturally!) dog art gives the Irish-pub establishment the impression that you’ve just stopped in to visit some really nice people. It’s almost surprising not to see a big ol’ yellow dog stretched out blissfully right where he’ll be most inconvenient.
The focus is on great service, really great food, and an extensive selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Stools line the bar, if you’re just in the mood for beer and beer nuts, but do take the opportunity to examine the menu. There are not many places that can boast of a listing in the 2014 Zagat as a “Must-try Burger”! An example is the current “Burger of the Month”, the Kooper Chili Burger which is a Wagyu beef patty topped with avocado, Boston Bibb lettuce, Heirloom tomato, Jack and cheddar cheeses, Jalapeno Ranch, and topped with Kooper’s Blue Ribbon Chili served on a warm brioche. Kooper’s, together with its sister establishments, supports a number of local charities. Relaxing at Kooper’s is a means of giving back, while you entertain


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