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Alexander’s Tavern

Alexander’s Tavern


710 South Broadway , MD 21231

Venue Information

From the outside, Alexander’s Tavern has a fresh, clean feel that doesn’t dissipate when you enter. They have lovingly preserved the integrity of the building’s history in exposed brick walls uncluttered by a multitude of promotional items and cutesy or gimmicky art pieces (how many 1800s-era corset or Coca-Cola ads did they print back then, anyway!?). There are wide wood trims highlighted with crisp white paint and what looks like the original plaster walls painted a pale shade to highlight the deep red brick and the dark ceilings.

This tavern is cozy and the warm atmosphere is genuinely charming. The menus for both food and drink are not extensive. Alexander’s Tavern is not trying to compete with the gastrome pubs or dedicated beer pubs up the street, but the drink selections offered are reasonable and solid. People don’t go to Alexander’s to indulge their inner foodie or engage in intellectual discourse on the precise characteristics of a particular microbrew that was vetted on the south side of a north-facing brewery by a left-handed man on a Friday afternoon the day before it rained. People go there to enjoy an evening of good music and great socializing in the company of a fun crowd of like-minded people. This is an intimate and cozy establishment that thrives on making all the patrons happy.


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