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351 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA, 30307

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Permanently Closed due to Pandemic


A great nightlife experience can be summed up in three words; service, atmosphere and specials. While Atlanta’s known to have one of the more robust nightlife scenes in the nation, it’s all due in part to the massive college crowd that takes over Atlanta’s nightlife scene on a daily basis, and places like Front Page News keep them coming back for more and more. You can’t get a much better atmosphere out of a bar/restaurant in Atlanta outside of this place.
The real Louisiana creole experience is at this place, with their signature dishes bringing folks back on a consistent basis. With signature dishes like seafood gumbo and Front Page Chili, it’s no wonder people can’t leave without enjoying a plate of food. When it comes to the drinks, you can bet your bottom that the beer is constantly flowing all night long. With some of the coldest brews on tap, this place is constantly packed with a friendly college crowd looking to relieve stress after a big test.


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