Añejo Tequila Joint - Cleveland, Ohio

Añejo Tequila Joint

Añejo Tequila Joint


1051 W 10th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

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Añejo Tequila Joint


No complaints ever. Always get a great  seat with great customer service. When I order bomb drinks on bar crawls and they be bussin for real. I would’ve took a photo I was to eager to eat lol. Drinks reasonably priced to be in flats. the manager was super nice and even put her cupcakes in the fridge to keep them cold as we ate…the bar tender and waiter was excellent and to top it off the food was hot n fresh and the drinks were perfect! Definitely going back Food was great, had shrimp tacos, beef tacos and chicken wings all amazing and very different. Music was awesome and made me dance with the crowd. My girlfriend and I had a great time! Her mom recommended it and she didn’t disappoint! The aroma smelled excellent. The atmosphere was on another level. I enjoyed my Cabernet while my lady enjoyed her guava Margarita.



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