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Riverside SantaCon Crawl 2022

Riverside SantaCon Crawl 2022

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Riverside SantaCon Crawl 2022

SantaCon Riverside 2022

This year Pubcrawls brings you the annual Pubcrawls.com SantaCon bar crawl extravaganza in Riverside. We are sure here at pubcrawls.com that this will be one of the most legendary Pub Crawl nightlife events we have ever done because we already have hundreds of people signed up to come to this event. You do not want to miss this event, we will have pub crawlers coming from all over America joining us! They are all going to come to your city to have the best time possible, we want to see you and all your friends in all your festive red, white, and green festive gear. As we descend upon the top-rated bars in the area with the most exclusive bar promotions and top-of-the-line exclusive drink specials, we need you there to celebrate with us. 

Your city will never be the same after this Santa con event so if you are not there you will surely regret missing the best drink specials and exclusive bar promotions. We have the best bar promotions available in nightlife and there has not been an event like this in years in your city. We are bringing back Santa Con now that the pandemic is completely over, so we beg you to please make sure that you are there with all of your best friends in your red, white, and green festive gear; trust us it is for your own good. We cannot wait to see you all! All you must do is go to pubcrawls.com today to buy a ticket, then after that just make sure that you and your friends are ready to have the time of your lives. We do not want anything else here at Pubcrawls.com but to see you win and have fun at this year’s Santa Con. 

There is not a day in the world that goes by that I do not think about the last Santacon. It was one of the best bar crawl events in the history of Santa con and this year will only be better. This event is set to have people from all over the world come to it. Anything could happen here; you meet the love of your life or your new best friend! Just make sure you are at the annual pubcrawls.com SantaCon bar crawl this year and luck is sure to strike you.

We are turning up nightlife forever and you do not want to miss all the great contests, prizes, and specials. We look forward to seeing you at Santacon, in your best holiday costume where you can decide to be whatever you want. You could decide to be Mrs. Claus or even Rudolph the red nosed reindeer if you want. All we know here at Pubcrawls.com is that SantaCon will be one of the greatest moments of your entire adult life. Go to Pubcrawls.com and purchase your ticket today.

Disclaimer: Must be 21 or older to participate in our events. There are no refunds for our events as all sales are final. Participating venues’ food & drink specials may be subject to change off of the bar’s discretion.

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Riverside SantaCon Crawl 2022




Must be at least 21 years old to participate; valid state ID required. Advertised drink specials, participating venues, and advertised times are subject to change and may vary. PubCrawls.com promotes safety and urges all participants to drink responsibly. If a venue is at capacity, we kindly ask that you either wait or proceed to another venue on the crawl. Participants must bring their print-at-home ticket to the registration venue in order to retrieve the their wristband and map. If there are multiple starting locations (registration venues), you only need to choose one (1). At each of the registration venues, our event staff distribute the same PubCrawls.com wristband(s) and customized map(s) that will allow you to access the entire crawl and take advantage of the drink specials throughout the city. Prices may vary by registration venues due to the popularity of the starting location. You will receive the exact same wristband and map at any of the registration venues. No refunds. All sales are final. Prices are subject to change while supplies last.