Newport Beach 4th of July Weekend Pub Crawl -

Newport Beach 4th of July Weekend Pub Crawl

Newport Beach 4th of July Weekend Pub Crawl

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Newport Beach 4th of July

The Official Fourth of July Pubcrawl in Newport Beach this year on October 31st is going to be an epic one. Come help us let freedom reign as we barcrawl through some of the best places to be in in all of America. Come watch the fireworks and enjoy some of the greatest drinks specials and event promotions in nightlife.

This year we wanted to make the bar crawl bigger and better than ever before so we set up some exclusive bar partnerships that allow us to bring you the best experience.  Bring a few friends with you because you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Wear your best red, white, and blue with us this year. If you wanna get a ticket all you have to do is go to pub today, after that just wait for the greatness to begin.

How does Our Pub Crawl work?

Once you have your ticket is very easy just go to the starting location print it on your ticket on the date and time for your event and we have it all set from there there will be a pub crawls staff member at the door to you who you will show your ticket then they will give you respond which will allow you to go to all of the great bars and half.

For more information visit our FAQ page.


Disclaimer: Must be 21 years or older to participate in our events. All participating bars and their food or drink specials may be subject to change at the venue’s discretion. State Covid regulations may apply. Must present your ticket at check in before check in time ends to receive your wristband. All sales are final no returns, refunds or exchanges for services once purchased. 



Must be at least 21 years old to participate; valid state ID required. Advertised drink specials, participating venues, and advertised times are subject to change and may vary. promotes safety and urges all participants to drink responsibly. If a venue is at capacity, we kindly ask that you either wait or proceed to another venue on the crawl. Participants must bring their print-at-home ticket to the registration venue in order to retrieve the their wristband and map. If there are multiple starting locations (registration venues), you only need to choose one (1). At each of the registration venues, our event staff distribute the same wristband(s) and customized map(s) that will allow you to access the entire crawl and take advantage of the drink specials throughout the city. Prices may vary by registration venues due to the popularity of the starting location. You will receive the exact same wristband and map at any of the registration venues. No refunds. All sales are final. Prices are subject to change while supplies last.