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Toronto, ON

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Even during the long Canadian winters, people love to keep warm drinking. Toronto has no short of casual or trendy bars with delicious drinks, including hot cocktails for the cold months. At one venue, combine shots with pinball. There are some good looking bars to drink and be seen in as well. While the decorations change with the season, the bars are always welcoming with the friendliness that the Canadians are known for. Try one of seventy vodkas at a vodka house. If you’re not drinking vodka, go to one of the many places for cocktails, including a bar that serves cocktails from the 1930’s. Toronto also has a vibrant music scene whether you are into jazz, rock, and Latin. When the weather finally warms up in Toronto, enjoy your time out on many of the rooftop bars throughout the city. Toronto has every musical taste covered. Whatever you want, our pub crawls will make sure you get what you are looking for.