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Santa Monica, CA

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Eat a classy meal with stone fine cocktails at one of the many old and new cocktail bars in the city. Drink a glass of wine as you have an intimate date or hang out with your friends or coworkers during happy hour, both of which can have gorgeous views of the ocean. Underneath an old Victorian house is a bar that is most famous in the city for its live music. Don’t forget to check out their large cocktail selection to sip while you listen. At one bar, there is no need to cure your next day hangover at the nearest White Castle. They nuke the burgers there, so you can always hope that they will be a preventative measure. By all means, make sure that you go to a bar that will provide you with a beautiful, panoramic city view. On our pub crawls, we will customize your crawl, so you will have any view and drink you want.