Luck of the Irish St Paddy's Pub Crawl Washington D.C. -

Luck of the Irish St Paddy’s Pub Crawl Washington D.C.

Luck of the Irish St Paddy’s Pub Crawl Washington D.C.

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Luck of the Irish St Paddy’s Pub Crawl Washington D.C.

Ever feel like Lady Luck just isn’t on your side? Have you been picking up pennies lately when they’ve been heads up only to find you somehow LOST a twenty dollar bill instead of finding one?! Well, now your luck is about to change. Come join us this St. Patrick’s Day in Washington D.C. for our annual St Paddy’s Pub Crawl. The DC area of our nation’s capital is one of the thriving neighborhoods in the North East. You’ll get to indulge in awesome drink specials all night long as you and your friends bounce from bar to bar, celebrating one of – if not THE – best drinking night of the entire year. When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, get on down to the registration location for a list of all the participating locations as well as the official St Paddy’s wristband that will grant you access to the city’s best drink specials. Party all day long as you join the rest of the pub-crawlers and checking out the cities hotspots.

We’ve been organizing pub crawls around the country for years so we’ll make sure you have a great time. Also, Washington D.C. is easily one of the best places to join us for a day of crawling, so make sure to get your tickets soon. We also have the best bars in DC signed up as spots on the route, making sure you’ll have the most fun possible. Everyone is welcome to get into the Irish spirit. You don’t have to be Irish in order to partake in the barrels of Whiskey and Beer! St Patrick’s Day has become a staple in American culture and every year, this March holiday marks the unofficial beginning of Spring. We welcome all those who want to walk around town, visit some of the neighborhoods best venues and enjoy social drinking. Make sure to wear green all day long so that you blend in with the rest of Washington D.C. and the country!

*A maximum of 199 tickets have been allotted for this event. Once tickets have been purchased, no more will be released. Prices are subject to change while supplies last.

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Luck of the Irish St Paddy’s Pub Crawl Washington D.C.

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Must be at least 21 years old to participate; valid state ID required. Advertised drink specials, participating venues, and advertised times are subject to change and may vary. promotes safety and urges all participants to drink responsibly. If a venue is at capacity, we kindly ask that you either wait or proceed to another venue on the crawl. Participants must bring their print-at-home ticket to the registration venue in order to retrieve the their wristband and map. If there are multiple starting locations (registration venues), you only need to choose one (1). At each of the registration venues, our event staff distribute the same wristband(s) and customized map(s) that will allow you to access the entire crawl and take advantage of the drink specials throughout the city. Prices may vary by registration venues due to the popularity of the starting location. You will receive the exact same wristband and map at any of the registration venues. No refunds. All sales are final. Prices are subject to change while supplies last.