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San Francisco New Year's Eve Events

Pub Crawls are coming back this New Years Eve! has been doing its best to keep everyone safe during the the 2020 pandemic and we are more excited to bring back the biggest and largest events your city has ever had. We are just waiting for the green light. If you are a bar or event coordinator please reach out to

If you haven’t already straightened out your plans, it’s definitely time that you do so. This year, there’s one colossal event that everyone’s been looking forward to and anxiously anticipating. Rather than sticking to one entertainment venue for the entirety of New Year’s Eve, why not try a little variety on one of the biggest nights of the year? This year, San Francisco is ready to host a big party that’s being produced but the world’s leader in pub crawl, – the official New Year’s Eve All Access Pub Crawl Pass in San Francisco!