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Montreal, QC

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For those Americans who might know, Montreal is an absolute blast. Sometimes people forget that it is a nice, close getaway. Come party with our neighbors to the north. Montreal is the biggest city in all of Quebec. Montreal is a big city with over 1 million people, so you’ll have plenty of people to party with! Over the past few decades, Montreal has really been built up in a really nice way. They have major skyscrapers and tall buildings. Their buildings are also centered around a dense subway system. It really resembles big American cities in many ways. They definitely resemble American cities in terms of partying and that’s a fact!  The weather does get a bit chilly up there, but it more moderate than you might think. Temperatures in july are usually in the 70s, so you might need a light jacket, but nothing too heavy. We recommend going in the spring or summer for the best results, but whatever you do don’t miss out this great place. Leave your beautiful country behind for a weekend and experience the fun that Canada has to offer.