Arlington Halloween Pub Crawls -

Arlington, TX

Arlington Halloween Events

Pub Crawls are coming back this Halloween weekend! has been doing its best to keep everyone safe during the the 2020 pandemic and we are more excited to bring back the biggest and largest events your city has ever had. We are just waiting for the green light. If you are a bar or event coordinator please reach out to


With a packed city counting more than 365,000 people and spread across 100 square miles, Arlington is found unequivocally halfway among Dallas and Fort Worth. Arlington is the biggest mid-city in America. That is why the Halloween pub crawl is one of the most special events in Arlington. Come join us this Halloween dressed up in a costume at pub crawl. You will have multiple access to bars with our VIP access. The bars with are the best around and our Halloween Pub Crawl event wont disappoint either!