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Anaheim, California has caught onto the craft beer movement, which of course, originated in California after all. There are several breweries that are based in Anaheim and many other bars and pubs that cater to craft beers of any style. The most well known of the bars are in the more touristy areas, but there are some hidden gems that make a fine impression without leaving a huge dent in the wallet. Fun and affordability are two big features that every pub crawl must include, just as much as it should be focused on only the best beer in the area. Each bar has its own distinct personality. Anaheim offers selections, such as a Disney themed tiki bar, a country music themed bar that occasionally has dancing nights, and countless speakeasy bars. Between those and many other choices in the Anaheim area, you will find at least one, if not more, that will suit your style and have you planning another trip even after the crawl ends.