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Morristown PubCrawl

A traditional pub crawl is a lot more than visiting more than just one bar in a day. It's about experiencing what a great bar scene in a city is all about. The bars have to be in close proximity, and each one has to have something different to offer. We'll be the first to say that finding a great bar scene isn't the easiest thing in the world, but if there's one thing that we're dead set on, it's finding the cities with the best bar scenes to host our special pub crawl events. Once we came across the watering holes that Morristown has to offer, we were sold. They are literally a slew of bars ready for hoards of folks to descend upon them and enjoy the delicious nectar we all refer to as - beer! If you've heard of our special events in the past, then you're in for something special when we get to Morristown, because we've decided to host our next big series of events right here!

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