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Santa Monica Halloween PubCrawl

Once the summer begins to wrap up and Fall starts to settle in, there’s only one holiday that gets everyone’s attention – Halloween! Known as the most popular holiday of the year, it’s the perfect excuse for us to dress up and act out of character. If you thought that going to those same club and house parties were going to cut it this year, think again. The producers of the world’s largest pub crawl – PubCrawls.com – are looking to break into history yet again with a very special crawl that features the best bars that Santa Monica has to offer – the official Santa Monica Halloween Pub Crawl. This pub crawl in Santa Monica will have thousands of dressed up party goers combing the streets in search of the next best bar.
Featuring some of the best bars in town, the official Santa Monica Halloween Pub Crawl is set to be one of the biggest events this year in the city! Featuring some of the best bars with amazing specials behind the bar there’s no shortage of entertainment. Meet new friends and visit new places on one of the most popular nights of the year; Halloween. Prepare to dress yourself up in one your favorite costume, and meet new friends that’ll be in character as well. Halloween is one of the most popular holiday events of the year, and PubCrawls.com is taking it to the next level.