Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Events

We here at are familiar with the characteristics that encompass a great bar scene. We’ll be the first to say that not every city has one, and there are a few characteristics to look for when in search for one. But, the most important is variety. There have to be a slew of bars available and open at similar times for folks to truly enjoy what the watering holes have to offer. When it comes to Georgia, we combed the state from north to south, and if there’s one bar scene that a lot of folks may not know about it’s Atlanta. Not to say that their nightlife seen isn’t epic. We all know that “Hotlanta” truly brings the heat when it comes to entertainment. Many may figure that the best scene is in Athens, but Atlanta sure gives it a run for its money. Seeing as this would be a great destination for a pub crawl, we’ve decided to host our next series of events here. From special holiday pub crawls, to unique off the wall themed crawls, yo u’ll have the chance to truly see what this scene is all about.