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Houston Cinco De Mayo PubCrawl

A night of drinking all around town in different bars is somewhat of a random occurrence. A majority of the time you'll meet up a friend, who then suggests to meet up with another friend, and so on and so forth. At the end of your night you've realized that you've actually succeeded in labeling your experience as a "PubCrawl." Well this year in Houston, all of the planning is being taken care of for you by the producers of the biggest PubCrawls in the world - There's nothing better than enjoying some great bar variety in a city like Houston, and it's only better when Cinco de Mayo rolls around. This year has decided to host their next massive event in Houston, and there really isn't a much better setting in the country. While in years past we haven't been lucky enough for this day to land on a weekend, this time around it's on a Sunday!