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Hoboken Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl Events

Once New Year's is over, there's a fast approaching holiday that heats up the night - Cinco de Mayo! Considered to be one of the most anticipated parties in the Northeast, Cinco de Mayo brings the best out of all of us - drinking wise that is. Each year we gather with our friends and enjoy beer in festive atmospheres in our respective cities. One of the best bar scenes in the country isn't in New York City, but right across the river in it's neighboring city New Jersey city, Hoboken! If you thought that Manhattan attracted everyone from Jersey, you're dead wrong. Their bar scene constantly has an influx of Northeastern folks heading in to enjoy the entertainment. Seeing as it's a hot spot for pubs, the producers of the world's largest pub crawl have decided to throw their next big event in Hoboken for Cinco de Mayo!